Why are we building CreatorStack?

A change is afoot. The landscape of digital media has changed dramatically. The minutes watched streaming online now exceed minutes watched in all forms of TV put together. This shift in attention has created a new form of profession: the content creator. It has never been easier to express your creativity and individuality. A lot of us are looking beyond a desk job to make a career out of it.

The last decade saw the rise in technology entrepreneurs. Now we will see the rise of creative entrepreneurs.

We want to fuel this movement and empower the Creator In You to make a profession out of your passion.

It's time that things changed.

Time to make your passion your profession.
Do what you love.
Do it in a way they have never seen before. 
Do it the way only you can do it.
Do it to make a living by being yourself.

It's time to make 'Show' Business, the 'Talent' Business.

The best gift you can offer someone is 'opportunity'.
And opportunity can knock only when we get rid of industry gatekeepers.
We envision a world in which what you know is more important than who you know.
A world where talent is the only criteria for success.

It's time creators all over the internet found one home.

Find your tribe, pick your team, and build your squad.
Discover people, explore ideas, find inspiration, learn skills, and grow your network.
Distribute effectively, monetize better, and earn more.
We're making all the tools you need to build a creative business in the cloud.