Our Mission

The internet has fundamentally changed our world, allowing humans to be more connected than ever before. So much so that the word 'remote' is no more used to describe a place, but rather, a type of work. And 'work' itself is being redefined to being creative on the internet.

However, the creative industries of today have not got the memo. Their outdated machinations are run as they have always been run. Worse still, they exist first and foremost to serve the establishment and maintain the Status Quo. Its champions? Industry Gatekeepers.

The 'insiders' of the system, who get to decide in their infinite wisdom whether you have the talent to make it. A decision that does not even pretend to be made on the basis of talent.

Well, we think it's time that things changed.

Time that creativity became a team sport. Time that what you know became more important than who you know. Time that 'show' business became the 'talent' business.

The last decade saw the rise of the Technological Entrepreneur.
Now is the time of the Creative Entrepreneur.

We are a diverse team of creators, makers, technologists, and entrepreneurs. What unites us is a passion for our crafts and a shared mission of making the future a more creative place.

Something tells us you feel the same way.

Come, let's make it together.
Team CreatorStack

Our Team


Lives Tech. Breathes Music. Learner of everything else.


Seeker. Obsessive Product Hunter. Aspiring Musician.


Failed YouTuber. Successful Poker Player. Product Maker.


Marketing. Writing. Marketing his Writing.


Coder by Day. Music Producer by Night. DogFather in between.


The goodest boi around.